Actionable Results Research, LLC
Comprehensive Research, Analysis & Marketing Solutions

Actionable Results Research, LLC

Actionable Results Research, LLC provides comprehensive research, analysis and marketing solutions for a variety of clients and business partners. 

Research activities include qualitative and quantitative primary and secondary research, assessment plan development, data collection, analysis and comprehensive synthesis of findings.  Findings are then translated into tactical and strategic 
recommendations.  Recommendations include messaging, implementation and repositioning strategies to enable clients to better attract, retain and more fully meet the needs of high potential customers. 

What We Do

Qualitative and Quantitative Primary and Secondary Research

  • Comprehensive Research and Assessment Plan Development
  • Survey and In-Depth Interview Design, Data Collection and Analysis
  • Motivational Research (Laddering) and Attitudinal Studies
  • Ethnographic Research and Customer Decision Analysis
  • Strategic Planning Analysis and Road Map Development
  • Industry and Competitor Analysis

Tactical and Strategic Marketing Recommendations and Execution

  • Brand Benchmarking and Positioning / Repositioning Strategies
  • Marketing and Research Plan Development
  • Grant and Proposal Development and Writing
  • Marketing, Public Relations and Community Outreach Programs 
  • Board and Executive Level Presentations and White Papers

Dr. Susan Hogan, Founder and Managing Director of Actionable Results Research, has also assisted as an expert witness, providing guidance and insight regarding the degree to which marketing efforts and other factors influence an individual's decision making process and product choice.

Who We Serve

We have provided services to clients within the following industries:

  • Home Improvement / Remodeling Services
  • Pharmaceutical and High Tech
  • Non-Profit Organizations and Cultural Institutions
  • Architectural Design Firms

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Trade Magazines and Affiliated Retailers 
  • Health Care / Medical Service Providers
  • Real Estate and Horticultural Professional Trade Associations