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Comprehensive Research, Analysis & Marketing Solutions
  • Analyzed qualitative and quantitative data collected from 2,838 consumers regarding favorite and least favorite brands for global architecture and design firm.
  • Identified reasons for brand choice and avoidance as well as the degree to which factors such as product category, value alignment, interaction opportunities, and customer demographic and psychographic factors influence brand preference and avoidance decisions.

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  • Assisted with strategic plan development for new Rollins center created due to the integration of two existing (tobacco and diabetes) centers. 
  • Developed in-depth interview questions and script; conducted employee interviews; analyzed and summarized qualitative findings; developed and communicated key insights and recommendations.  Facilitated strategic planning session. 
  • Collaborated with center leaders to develop and finalize strategic plan map.


  • Analyzed competitor usage of adjective of interest for potential messaging strategies.  Identified existing perceptions toward adjective based on existing literature.  Proposed additional research to more thoroughly understand adjective associations and identify additional messaging themes.
  • Identified the potential benefits of structuring workplace teams around employee right and left brain personality types.
  • Identified best practices regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies in order to assist with the identification of key impact areas and appropriate execution and communication of CSR efforts.  


  • Educated and trained independent retailers on three research techniques (laddering, ethnography, and attitude gap analysis) to better understand current and potential customers.
  • Identified inhibitors related to gardening and traditional garden store patronage, through Gen X and Gen Y focus groups and interviews.
  • Developed communication strategies and in-store and out-of-store implementation and collaboration strategies for nursery based retailers to employ to overcome these inhibitors. Presented research methods, findings, suggested strategies and field (retailer) best practices at the 2013 Southern Nursery Association Conference.                          

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    • Conducted brand benchmarking and positioning study for a multi-location eye care facility. 
    • Identified existing awareness and satisfaction levels, perceptions, and behaviors of current and potential customers.  
    • Developed implementation, messaging and community outreach recommendations.  Identified additional research and focus group question areas.  Assisted with focus groups and concept testing. 


    • Revised existing Global Summit event survey to better understand breakout session participation, reason for choice and satisfaction.  Collected and analyzed feedback regarding possible content and format changes for future summit events. 
    • Recommended content and format changes to enable CoreNet to shorten event from four to three days.
    • Provided tactical and strategic recommendations to increase:
      • event awareness
      • breakout and closing ceremony participation        
      • satisfaction levels
      • future event attendance
      • recommendation likelihood 


    • Analyzed and summarized data collected from 'New Joiner' (7,079 respondents) and 'Recent Invitee' (27,595 respondents) surveys. Provided tactical and strategic marketing (messaging and implementation) recommendations.  Proposed additional research questions and survey design revisions. 
    • Created executive level white paper highlighting Golden Key benefits relative to other college honor societies.


    • Designed and executed product concept tests, focus groups and in-depth interviews to understand consumer interest levels and decision making criteria.  Identified high potential target markets, optimal packaging and positioning strategies for phenal infused water product. 
    • Conducted industry and competitor analysis to understand competitive landscape and identify best practices and potential collaborators within the wine, resveratrol, and luxury lifestyle industries.  
    • Provided positioning and go-to market recommendations in terms of product formulation, packaging, pricing, promotion, distribution and collaboration strategies.



    • Authored successful grant proposal which secured funding to measure the impact that artistic techniques integrated with classroom teaching had on both students and music and arts educators. 
    • Developed comprehensive assessment plan to measure qualitatively and quantitatively the absolute and relative effect of arts infused teaching on both students exposed to this method and the music and arts teachers providing classroom teacher training. 
    • Collaborated with Atlanta Public Schools (APS) to finalize portions of the assessment plan and collect data


    • Created survey to enable webhosting organization to better understand their current business customers.  Analyzed and summarized survey data, segmenting across purchase behavior. 
    • Identified industries represented, current satisfaction levels, relative importance of service offerings and purchase decision making criteria.


    • Conducted US blind and shade industry and competitor analysis.  Identified technological and socio-cultural window treatment trends, emerging high potential customer segments and competitor positioning strategies.
    • Developed executive level board presentation overviewing the state of the housing industry, including US migration patterns, housing starts and home sales trends and projected outlook, segmented by geography.


    • Analyzed and summarized journal data collected from staff, board members and volunteers as part of an organizational assessment exercise.  Reviewed and analyzed secondary data including current promotional material and membership correspondence letters, board by-laws and meeting minutes, and prior strategic planning retreat minutes. 
    • Provided recommendations with regard to:
      • Ensuring consistency across all external communication materials.
      • Creating an internal communications plan.
      • Revising board by-laws and requirements.
      • Developing a data collection process to track results.                  
    • Identified areas for discussion and consensus building during upcoming strategic planning retreat.  Created planning session facilitation guide for upcoming retreat, highlighting divergent viewpoint areas including primary customer identification, organization strengths and opportunities.


    • Identified two distinct communication strategies to increase prospective nursing student interest and alumni involvement.

    • Facilitated student ambassador training program to ensure ambassadors were comfortable sharing the program strengths, resources and values and also their own reasons for choosing Emory School of Nursing.



    • Analyzed and summarized journal data collected from Chieftains staff, board members and volunteers as a pre-cursor to strategic planning retreat. 
    • Provided recommendations regarding mission statement, board composition  and raising awareness strategies.
    • Identified areas requiring further discussion during upcoming retreat, including primary customer identification, goals and results measurement alignment and value proposition.

    Publications, Papers & Additional Projects
    • 2013 Brand Engagement Survey: The Emotional Power of Brands, Gensler White Paper, October 2013.

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    • Overcome Barriers from Gen X & Gen Y (with Bridget Behe), Today's Garden Center Magazine, June 2013.

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    • Five Surprising Things You Need to Know about Young Consumers (with Bridget Behe), Today's Garden Center             Magazine, June 2013.  

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    • Three Things Lakeview Nursery Should Do Next, Today's Garden Center Magazine, July 2, 2012.

    • Communicating the Non-Profit Story: Challenges, Tales and Strategies for Success, Working Paper, March 2012.

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    • Shooting the Principal while Embracing the Agent: How Responsibility Acceptance Influences Principal and Agent      Evaluations when Confronted with Bad News, Society for Consumer Psychology Winter Conference Proceedings, February 2004.  
    • Evening the Score: Identifying Strategies Individuals use to Maintain Relationship Symmetry (with Caleb Warren), Research Project, Spring 2004.    
    • The Company We Keep: Understanding the Asymmetric Carryover Effect of Salesperson Behavior on Company Perceptions (with Tiffany White), Research Project, Summer 2003. 
    • Someone to Watch Over Me:  Accountability's Influence on Principal and Agent Evaluations, Working Paper, March, 2003.
    • The Two Faces of Accountability: How Responsibility Acceptance and the Threat of Accountability Influence Principal and Agent Evaluations, American Marketing Association Winter Educators’ Conference Proceedings, February 2003. 
    • Shooting the Principal while Embracing the Agent: Why Process Matters When Delivering Bad Outcomes, Dissertation, University of Pennsylvania. Ann Arbor: ProQuest/UMI, 2002. (Publication No. ATT 3043888.) 
    • Forecasting Generic Drug Use After Brand Patent Expiration (with Lewis Coopersmith and Jehoshua Eliashberg), Conference Presentation (presented by J. Eliashberg), INFORMS International Israel, 1998.


    Additional Media Coverage
    • Entrepreneurship at Goizueta: Faculty offer thoughts on Shaping Business Creation, by Cynthia Blakely, Emory Business Magazine, Fall 2013.  
    • Survey Customers to Learn What they Want, by Carol Miller, Today's Garden Center Magazine, July 3, 2012. 
    • Lakeview Nurseries finds out What Matters to its Customers, by Carol Miller, Today's Garden Center Magazine, June 25, 2012. 
    • Who is your Customer? by Carol Miller, Today's Garden Center Magazine, June 11, 2012.
    • Stores look for More Black Friday Traffic, by J. Michael Moore, Goizueta Newsroom, November 25, 2010. 
    • Christmas Retail Season Starts Early, by Jeanne Bonner, WABE, November 23, 2010. 
    • How Christian Products are Moving into Mainstream Markets, FoxNews, April 17, 2005. 
    • Lessons from low-slung jeans; the Customer Feedback Loop should end where it begins: with the Customer, by Manjari Raman, Business-Standard, June 10, 2004. 
    • Why Organic Supermarkets are Thriving, by Myra Thomas, Knowledge @ Emory Newsletter, May 5, 2004.